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About Us

Hand-crafted copper mailboxes, house numbers,copper shower heads and wall clocks, always unique.

All of our copper pieces are made completely by hand, and only of copper. While we can make pairs, or sets of items, such as Mailboxes or Shower heads, each piece is one of a kind.

If you have a particular piece that you would like to have crafted, please feel free to send email. We craft individual Mailbox, house number, and any type of copper work you can imagine.

All Mailboxes ,Wall clocks and special pieces are signed, numbered and dated before leaving the Shop.

Copper will weather with time and turn a rich "patina." All pieces are brightly polished (except patina copper) before being sold, unless you request that your piece be treated. If kept indoors, the copper may be easily polished with metal polish or coated with carnauba wax.

Just about any custom design can usually be accommodated, so feel free to send us an email with any suggestion or request.